Understanding 5 Life Struggles of the Chronic Migraine Sufferer

Affects of Chronic Migraine

Chronic migraine often leads to uncomfortable and difficult situations for long-time sufferers. 

This debilitating condition is misunderstood by many, and downplayed as “just headaches” to the frustration of those who are affected by it. Chronic migraine is a serious condition that can be intrusive, sometimes to the point of rendering sufferers completely incapable of living their lives normally.

Here are 5 common situations wherein a migraine sufferer’s personal life is compromised:

1. Seeking an Education

A classic elementary, secondary or college education relies on a steady sequence of learning events: homework, tests, etc. Unfortunately, migraines often derail students by causing them to miss assignments, skip major examinations, and even neglect studies for days and weeks. It can be extremely hard to get back into a regular study schedule, and difficult to concentrate after this kind of disruption. An active student can also miss out on social activities and the thrill of physical activities in school, such as sports. Interruptions such as these may cause the student to become withdrawn, unable to fully experience scholalstic life. More importantly, students may not even be able to complete their education, nor aim for higher achievements to be more competitive and ready in the job market.  

2. Maintaining a Career

Chronic migraine can cause a person to unwillingly put a beloved career on hold as they face unbearable pain. Sufferers often find themselves distracted, unable to concentrate and fulfill their duties at work. Most chronic migraine sufferers have no choice but to subject themselves to lengthy absences as they try to cope with the debilitating pains of migraine. According to a recent study commissioned by the Migraine Research Foundation, businesses have lost more than $13 million resulting from a staggering 113 million lost work days due to migraines. These absences eventually lead to diminished responsibilities, and even termination. 

3. Family Life

Migraine can also intrude in family life. Because treatment often involves isolation, those with chronic migraine may require time away from family and at times, may appear passive and withdrawn. This unfortunate consequence leads to loneliness and even depression. Family members do not always fully comprehend the extent of suffering their loved ones go through and find it difficult to cater to the needs of a migraine sufferer. In extreme cases, this results to estranged relationships, and can even break bonds and families.

4. Social Life and the Life of the Community

Suffering from migraine may also cause someone to skip major social events, such as weddings and funerals or regular church services, as well as other kinds of social outings and public community events. Again, the isolation that many migraine sufferers go through to cope with their pain can deeply affect relationships with extended family, friends, and even ruin romantic partnerships.

5. Mental Effects

Migraine sufferers may also experience other symptoms, like anxiety and insomnia. These kinds of symptoms, particularly sleep disturbance, can lead to stress and serious psychological conditions. For example, the effects of chronic migraine can lead to chronic depression, which may need its own treatment by qualified professionals.

Final Thoughts

These profoundly challenging results of chronic migraine are prime reasons why this condition needs to be properly attended by competent medical professionals armed with not only the solid knowledge, but also compassion and a proven comprehensive treatment plan. It is essential for individuals suffering from migraines to seek immediate help to avoid having to put their lives on hold and be able to live normal, and productive lives free from difficulties.

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