Living with Migraine Pain: 6 Things to Keep in Mind

Life with migrainesMigraines are difficult to manage. Attacks not only cause discomfort but also debilitating headaches, vertigo and auras. Trying to cope with severe migraines is a daunting task. Faced with pain, confusion, and discomfort with no immediate relief, a migraine sufferer may feel depressed and in despair. Staying focused and positive during these trying times can be an enormous challenge. Despite the difficulties, migraine sufferers can develop their own routines to avoid and ease attacks, and keep spirits afloat during one.

Here are some important things migraineurs should keep in mind:

1) Know your body

Knowing what to expect from a migraine will allow you to prepare before it starts. Stay away from known triggers and take medications at the first sign of a possible migraine attack. Pay attention to your body during migraines and take down notes of your experiences. Writing down the changes that occur in your body during migraine attacks can be beneficial in your search for long-term relief. 

2) Keep a migraine journal 

Keeping a migraine journal is your best weapon against migraines. There is no wrong way to document your migraines. Many online and mobile apps are designed to make this task as quick and easy as possible. This will help you document the migraine patterns your body goes through during migraine attacks. You can also keep track of what soothes you, the medications and therapies that work, and the triggers you encounter. Some migraineurs find reprieve in documenting their thoughts and emotions. Expressing yourself during difficult migraine attacks can be a good thing for your spirit. 

3) Don’t stress 

Migraines and stress are well-known playmates. Stress can cause migraines, and migraines always cause stress. Managing your stress help you avoid aggravating your migraines. We all know how difficult it is to avoid stress at the onset of migraines. Nevertheless, you must find things, habits, and environments that soothe you when you are in pain. Finding ways to manage stress and keep your spirit calm can do you a world of good. Reducing stress is crucial for migraine relief and treatment.

There are a number of relaxation techniques you can use to reduce stress and find migraine relief. These exercises can also be used during a migraine, allowing you to focus on getting better. One of the easiest ways to relax is to go to a calm, cool, and dark room and rest until it passes.

4) Know when to see a doctor

When migraine relief becomes a challenge, it may be time to talk to a doctor. Your doctor will work with you to determine an active course of migraine treatment, including medication and other lifestyle changes. This is where your migraine journal comes in handy, so don’t forget to bring it with you to your appointment.

5) Reach out for support

No man is an island. Migraine sufferers are never alone. More than 28 million people living in the United States suffer from migraines or have experienced them in the past. Being able to talk about debilitating migraines with someone can boost your positivity. Being a member of a community of people facing the same chellenges may also help you find new migraine relief techniques and inspire you to seek new treatment options.

6) Don’t give up

A life interrupted by migraines can be a difficult and emotional journey. Some days can test your patience and strength. As hard as it is to feel optimistic at times, you must always try to stay positive. Do your research and know what the best treatment options and medications are available to you. Listen to your body and learn how you can make your migraines manageable. Continue any medication you have been prescribed, as it can take several weeks to begin working. Find out what works for you, and continue doing it until you see desired results. There will be many frustrating days but a positive spirit will help you recover faster. 

Tell us your story. How do you cope during a migraine attack? What ways have you found to be extremely helpful in managing your migraine?

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