This Month In Migraine News: Pediatric Migraines, Depression, and Psychedelics


From doctors achieving breakthrough migraine research to long time cluster headache sufferers finding relief with psychedelics, February proved to be an eventful time for migraine and headache related news. 

Take a look at our top five stories from February and catch up on what you missed. Join in on the conversation by sharing your thoughts and perspective in the comment section below.

Mother and Teen Share Story About Pediatric Migraines | “It started about a year ago—pain right here behind my eyes,” Sydney Kessel said. Like a bomb going off inside the head of this happy, active sixteen-year old. Days and weeks went by until Sydney ended up “just upstairs in my bedroom—all lights off. Window shades closed—just in darkness.” Click here to view the entire article. 

BMI Healthcare Doctor Wins Honour For Migraine Research | BMI Healthcare has congratulated a doctor at its London Independent Hospital after he received international recognition for his breakthrough migraine research. Dr Farooq Maniyar, who practices at the medical facility in Stepney Green, has been presented with the Harold G Wolff Lecture honor by the American Headache Society. Click here to view the enitre article. 

Migraineurs Carry Twofold Risk for Depression | Individuals who experience migraine have twice as a high a risk for developing depression and suicidal ideation than the general population, according to new study data from researchers at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Click here to view the entire article.

Longtime Sufferers of Cluster Headaches Find Relief in Psychedelics | About a year ago, I attended a conference at a Boston-area university. I joined the ranks of experts and students playing session-hooky in the hallways. The conversation turned to MDMA, and its use in treating veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. A doctor turned to me and whispered, “You think that’s something? You should see what psychedelic mushrooms are doing for patients with cluster headaches!” Click here to view the full article. 

Stress Makes Headaches Last Longer, Study Finds | Stress is known to trigger headaches. Now it gets worse: Researchers have found that the more intense a person’s stress, the more time he or she will spend in pain. The findings are based on data from the German Headache Consortium Study. Researchers interviewed 5,159 adults about their headache history and other health factors once every three months from 2010 to  2012. Click here to view the entire article. 

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