What To Do When Migraine Headaches Strain Your Relationships

Mary and her husband John have four adorable children and a loving extended family. The kids are active in school, sports and social events every week, and the couple enjoys hanging out with their extended family a few times a month. Lately though, Mary’s migraine headache pain has limited her ability to take the kids to their activities, care for the house and spend time with the family. John is beginning to feel the strain of carrying most of the load as he works full-time and juggles the kids, the house and family functions with little help from his wife. She knows he’s frustrated, but despite her best efforts, the migraine symptoms continue to plague her.

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Migraines, Chronic Headaches, and Relationships – How To Stay Strong

Migraines and Relationships
You can feel migraines and chronic headaches coming on at the most inopportune times. Maybe you’re scheduled to hang out with friends or take your kids to a birthday party. Going to bed is exactly what you need to do for migraine relief, but you hate to disappoint your friends or family. Before you crawl under the covers and avoid any relationships, discover ways to handle your migraine and headache symptoms and keep your relationships intact.

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Hypnic Headaches – The Sleep Disruptor

Hypnic Headache
If you have been struggling with severe, debilitating headaches at night and have no accompanying symptoms, it might be due to a hypnic headache. It isn’t surprising if you haven’t heard of this type of headache before, since they are extremely rare. As was for the case of a 68-year old woman in a study conducted by the National Headache Foundation, it takes a series of tests to rule out other causes of the headaches while sleeping, until the official hypnic diagnosis is found.

What is a Hypnic Headache?

Also known as an “alarm clock headache” or “hypnic headache syndrome”, these types of headaches only start during sleep, either from a daytime nap or nightly sleep. Headaches experienced while sleeping don’t typically wake you up, but these types of headaches cause an immediate, jolting awakening, similar to an alarm clock, and often at the same time.

Most individuals suffering from headaches during sleep due to hypnic headaches, go to sleep pain-free, but wake up in debilitating pain. Hypnic-based headaches, which are in the group of idiopathic headache syndromes, are more common in adults over 50, though they also occur at age 40 or older.

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How Stress Triggers Migraines

Over the years, scientists have discovered how stress adversely effects health, causing a number of serious complications in the body. High blood pressure, heart disease, and even stroke have all been traced back to stress. Recent studies also uncovered how stress can wreak havoc on the heart and the vascular network of the body as well as the brain. These disturbances can be severe and may even result in death.

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