Why So Many Chronic Migraine Patients Suffer From Depression


A recent study conducted by the University of Toronto is shedding new light on the prevalence of depression in chronic migraine syndrome patients. According to the research, depression is twice as likely in patients who also experience chronic migraine pain, a relationship that does not exist with other forms of chronic pain. The question everyone is asking is – why migraines? Continue reading “Why So Many Chronic Migraine Patients Suffer From Depression”

Fighting the Blues: Chronic Migraines and Depression

migraineAs doctors and researchers dig further into the effects of chronic migraines on sufferers, it is hard to ignore the apparent correlation between migraines and depression. Research has shown that chronic migraine sufferers, most especially women, have higher rates of depression than their migraine-free counterparts. Recent studies found that over half of individuals suffering from migraines develop depression. Research has also shown that women are nearly 50% more likely to develop depression, if they suffer from chronic migraines.

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