Can A Migraine Diary Save Your Life?

Migraine Diary Save Your Life

As she feels another attack coming on, Sarah reaches for her migraine diary to record her symptoms. When her doctor suggested she should keep track of her experiences in this little notebook, Sarah wasn’t quite sure it was worth the effort. In fact, she wondered whether or not she would even be able to write down anything when her symptoms were at their peak. Should she even bother?

Is it Worth It?

Although it may seem like a migraine diary is more trouble than it’s worth, it can be one of the most useful tools you have at your disposal for finding relief from your migraines. Each migraine sufferer has a unique experience, and understanding this experience can help you to treat your condition more effectively. With the help of your diary, you can recall your symptoms in more detail, track the effectiveness of your medication and express the emotions that you feel during and after an attack. Perhaps most importantly, keeping a migraine diary will facilitate better communication between you and your physicians. 


The Value of Communication

No two migraine sufferers are exactly alike. Your triggers and symptoms are unique to your case. Because of these differences among migraine sufferers, no two migraine treatment programs should be exactly alike either. To be as effective as possible, your treatment program needs to be tailored specifically to your experiences.

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By keeping a migraine diary, you can accurately identify your triggers and relay them to your doctor, which will help him or her to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. The diary will also allow you to track your symptoms before and after treatment so that your physician can evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan he or she creates. If you continue to have symptoms even with treatment, the physician can use the information in your diary to make changes to the treatment plan as necessary. 

In addition to facilitating communication with medical professionals, a good migraine diary can also help you communicate with friends and family about the pain you experience. Suffering from migraines on a regular basis can lead to severe depression and even suicide. Sharing your experience with friends and family, however, can help them to better understand what you are going through. With more information about your condition, they can provide you with more emotional and physical support both during and after your migraine attacks. 

Use Your Diary to Find Migraine Relief

“A good migraine diary can also help you communicate with friends and family about the pain you experience.”

Regardless of how frequently they occur, living with migraines is never easy. When you don’t communicate with those around you, the path to relief grows dark. Too many migraine sufferers succumb to a deep sadness, and some have even taken their own lives in order to end the pain. Fortunately, relief is possible when you keep the lines of communication open, both with your doctor and with the people around you. With the help of your diary, you can ensure that your physician, family and friends have all of the information they need to help you deal with your condition and find as much relief as possible. 

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