Nerve Decompression

Minimally invasive migraine surgery may be an option for you.

What is Nerve Decompression?

Nerve decompression is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that relieves pressure caused by a pinched or entrapped nerve to treat chronic migraine syndrome in select patients. During a nerve decompression procedure, one or more compressed nerves may be targeted, including:

  • Supraorbital nerve: The supraorbital nerve is located on the front of the head, on the forehead, just above the eyebrow.
  • Supratrochlear nerve: The supratrochlear nerve branches from the ophthalmic portion of the trigeminal nerve and runs slightly above the eye, around the eyelid.
  • Zygomaticotemporal nerve: The zygomaticotemporal nerve branches off from the trigeminal nerve and runs behind the eye.
  • Greater occipital nerve: The greater occipital nerve runs from the spine up the back of the head, behind the ears.

How Does Nerve Decompression Work?

Scientific medical research have discovered a number of “trigger points” where excessive pressure or compression can occur throughout the nerves in your face and head. When these trigger points are decompressed, pressure is alleviated and some migraine patients have been found to experience a significant reduction or total elimination of migraine pain. To alleviate pressure, a trained surgeon will use specialized instruments to remove blood vessels, muscle and or tissue responsible for nerve irritation, thereby providing more space for the nerve to function.

Am I a Candidate for Nerve Decompression?

To qualify for nerve decompression, you must be diagnosed with chronic migraines by a neurologist. To determine if nerve decompression will be successful, you must also undergo testing with Botox injections to confirm which (if any) trigger points are responsible for your migraine pain. Nerve decompression is only considered once all other treatment options fail to produce results.

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