Sarapin Injections

Sarapin Injections for Migraines

Sarapin is a biological pain relieving medication, meaning it is naturally occurring. In fact, the medication is a water-based plant extract derived from the pitcher plant. It is considered a safe anti-inflammatory alternative to cortisone and may be prescribed to help treat various types of chronic pain.

How is Sarapin administered and how does it work?

Some migraines are thought to be caused by trigger points, or highly sensitive areas around the head and face that contribute to muscle tension and nerve irritation. To treat pain associated with these types of migraines, Sarapin may be injected directly into specific trigger points to numb irritated nerves and prevent pain signals from traveling therein. Injections may be given once per week for up to three weeks.

What are the common side effects?

There are no known side effects associated with Sarapin.

Is Sarapin for migraines and headache disorders FDA approved?

Sarapin is an FDA approved biological medication for the use of general pain management. Though studies confirm its positive effect on migraine pain, it has not been specifically approved for the treatment of such.

Where are the injection sites for Sarapin?

Patients may receive one or more injections per session and injection sites will vary depending on the patient’s unique condition. Most injections are given on either side of the head near the temples. Light palpitations may be performed by a trained physician to determine the exact trigger points responsible for migraine pain.

Does Sarapin work better for specific migraine and headache types?

Chronic migraines (characterized by the experience of pain more than 15-days per month) as well as tension headaches that respond well to trigger point injections are the most common types of headache treated with Sarapin injections.

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