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This Month In Migraine News: Behavioral Therapy and Chewing Gum

From new sudies to debating the power of suggestion when using migraine drugs, January proved to be an eventful time for migraine related news. Take a look at our top five stories from January and catch up on what you missed. Join in on the conversation by sharing your thoguhts and perspective in the comment section below. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Could Help Ease Kids’ Chronic Migraines—Children and teens who experience chronic migraines could benefit from a popular form of psychotherapy, a new study suggests. Research recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), in addition to taking the medication amitriptyline, is associated with fewer headaches and less migraine-related disability among children and teens with chronic migraines. Click here to read more…

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Power of Suggestion Shown in Study of Migraine Drug—A new study from the Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston suggests that what you’re told when your doctor prescribes medication can influence your body’s response to it. Click here to read more…

Lilly buys back rights to experimental migraine drug—Eli Lilly & Co said reacquires rights to an experimental treatment for migraine headaches it had licensed to another company three years ago. Click here to read more…


Chewing gum may provoke migraines and tension headaches—A new study published by Tel Aviv University in Israel showed that chewing gum could be causing teen’s migraine and headache episodes. Click here to read more…

Hope for migraine sufferers as gadget that zaps pain with the push of a button is approved—The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) approved the new transcranial magnetic device for use after showing encouraging results during clinical trials. Click here to read more…

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