The Migraine Book Review: 10 Great Reads For Migraine Sufferers

The journey of migraine sufferers is unique and challenging. Most of the time, sufferers feel alone, misunderstood, and even confused about what they are experiencing. Books can be a great source of comfort for migraine sufferers. Reading about the journey of other migraine sufferers can help you understand what you are going through and keep you from feeling alone and isolated. There are many books about migraines — books about migraine sufferers, books about the science behind migraines, self-help books with plenty of advice, and even books that feature the genius and creativity of migraine sufferers.

Here are some interesting books about migraines:

Migraine Books Andrew Levy1. A Brain Wider Than the Sky: A Migraine Diary – by Andrew Levy

For author Andrew Levy, chronic migraine was a persistent illness that he’d dealt with for half his life. In 2006 he was struck with almost-daily debilitating migraines that kept him essentially bedridden. As best he could, he wrote about his migraine triggers, his struggle to live with the pain and his meticulous attempts to calibrate his life in order to avoid migraines. He also documented the almost Stockholm syndrome-like attachment some migraine sufferers develop with the pain, delirium, hallucinations and other symtoms. Levy also researched how artists and figures throughout history such as Sigmund Freud, Alexander Pope, Virginia Woolf and even Elvis Presley dealt with their migraines. Levy goes on to describe how he faced his greatest battle with migraines and his eventual reemergence into the world.

Migraine Books Oliver Sacks2. Migraine – by Dr. Oliver Sacks

Migraines can vary dramatically from one person to the next, and even within the same sufferer at different times. One of the most perplexing and compelling symptoms are hallucinations and visual distortions of time, space and even body image. Depictions of these strange and sometimes disturbing states have found their way into works of art, from Alice in Wonderland to the heavenly visions of Hildegard von Bingen. One of the most renowned and best-loved neurologist and author, Dr. Oliver Sacks, suggests that migraines should not be considered as simply an illness, but a complex condition that plays a unique role in the sufferer’s life.

Migraine Books Marian Frances3. MIGRAINE: Pain of the Body, Cry of the Spirit – by Marian Frances

This book addresses the deep-seated, underlying origins of migraines as a misalignment or disharmony of the body, mind and spirit. The book also includes practical tools and strategies for coping, including a seven-day mental diet, tips for therapeutic journaling, proven meditation techniques as well as other migraine prevention approaches. 

Migraine Books Paula Kamen4. All in My Head: An Epic Quest to Cure an Unrelenting, Totally Unreasonable, and Only Slightly Enlightening Headache – by Paula Kamen

At age 24, Paula Kamen’s life changed in an instant. One day, a contact lens mishap left the nerves located behind her eye severely damaged, causing piercing pain sensation severe headaches she had never experienced before. Over a decade later, she still has developed recurring migraines. She’s tried surgery, Botox injections, a dousing of Lithuanian holy water, a mountain of pharmaceuticals, aromatherapy and even a vibrating hat. Her book chronicles the awkward, absurd, and ultimately ineffective remedies Kamen has tried. Full of self-deprecating wit and sharp reporting, All in My Head is a story of patience, acceptance, and perseverance.

Migraine Books Shelly Griffin5. The Migraine Deliverance Planner – by Shelly L. Griffin

The Migraine Deliverance Planner offers new, innovative and creative solutions and a source of wisdom for migraine sufferers. It is the culmination of Griffin’s 14 years of experience with her own chronic migraine pain. This book is a unique interactive tool, facilitating a lifetime plan for migraine relief. There’s a daily planner along with designated areas for documenting migraine triggers and symptoms. Within its pages you’ll also find tips for avoiding migraine triggers, handling chronic migraine pain, and more.

Migraine Books Klaus Podol6. Migraine Art: The Migraine Experience from Within – by Klaus Podol

This book includes over 300 powerful paintings and illustrations created by migraine sufferers from all around the world. It provides a unique window into the world of migraine sufferers, illustrating the pain, visual disturbances and other experiences migraineurs endure. The idea started with a number of public art competitions in the 1980s that encouraged both amateur and professional artists to document their experiences. 

Migraine books betsy baxter7. Through the Eye of Migraine – by Stefanie M. Davis

This book allows you to step inside the mind of a chronic migraine sufferer. From the very beginning of Stefanie’s journey to her ongoing treatment, you’ll get a first-hand experience of what a person suffering from migraines experience on a daily basis. The author is a business professional who faces many challenges as she tries to balance her migraines with career, education, her family and a social life.

Migraine Books Betsy Baxter8. Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey Through Life With Migraine – by Betsy Baxter Blondin

This book features breathtaking images, words, and poetry from migraine sufferers as well as from those who love them. This collection of migraine art, essays, photography and poetry makes a compelling gift for migraine sufferers, their family and friends, health care professionals, and anyone who wants to better understand the world of migraineurs and can appreciate art as a form of therapy. 

Migarine Books Jean Lynne9. My Life With Migraines – by Jean Lynne

This is the true story of one woman’s journey grappling with a lifetime of chronic migraines. It documents her search for migraine relief and the realities of living with chronic migraine pain. The book explores possible causes, migraine triggers, effective drug treatments and their side effects.

Migraine books Susan Hutchinson10. The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine: Understanding the Hormone Connection to find Hope and Wellness – by Susan Hutchinson

This practical handbook provides tools for female migraine sufferers to help healthcare providers work to diagnose and treat migraines. The reader is introduced to seven different women who suffer from migraines, ranging from a college student to a 29 year old attorney to a 55 year old mother of three adult children. Reading about their lives, the reader gains insight into her own migraine experience. Readers will learn about treatment options such as hormonal therapy, the most promising new drugs, effective alternative therapies and other preventive strategies.

There are a number of books written about migraines and migraine sufferers. Reading about the experience of other people, the science behind migraines, as well as knowing the creativity that springs from the experience, not only help migraine sufferers and their loved one understand what they are going through, but also help them feel that they are not alone in their difficult journey. What is your favorite book about migraines? What are your favorite quotes from books about migraines?

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