Migraine Treatment: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Severe migraine episodes are recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the most disabling illnesses, similar to the hindering effects of dementia, quadriplegia and active psychosis. With no known cause, chronic migraine patients often try a number of treatments before finding one or a combination of several that positively influences their migraine pain and frequency.

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Migraine Treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Nearly 10% of school-age children suffer from migraine attacks, often before the age of 12. The impact of these painful episodes can be devastating to adolescent growth and development. Furthermore, physicians and parents are concerned about the long-term effects of starting children on prescription drug regimens so early in life. Treatment decisions can be painstakingly difficult for parents and because migraine attacks have no known cause, there are no treatment guarantees.

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Migraine Treatment: Oxygen Therapy


Chronic migraine syndrome is a conundrum yet to be solved and the uncertainty of its cause means that sufferers are left without a definitive treatment option. Because everyone’s experience is different, treatment often involves a lengthy game of trial and error before discovering a method that works. If medications or injections have failed or you are in search of an alternative form of treatment to compliment your current regimen, consider looking into oxygen therapy, which uses 100% oxygen to alleviate severe migraine symptoms.

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