Baby Blues: Migraines, Pregnancy and Motherhood

pregnancy mom migraines infantsIf you’re a chronic migraine sufferer and become pregnant, you might be surprised to learn that pregnancy can actually ease migraine symptoms in some women. However, this is definitely not the case for everyone. Some pregnant women experience even more chronic migraine pain and symptoms during their term. If you fall into this category, don’t despair; migraine relief is possible. Pain and symptoms caused by migraines can be managed, and there are ways for pregnant women to mitigate and reduce their symptoms substantially.

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10 Signs Your Little One Has Migraines

baby migraine symptomsIt’s hard to interpret a child’s illness when they don’t have the vocabulary to express exactly what’s going on with them. Even when kids do have the right words parents know there’s sometimes a reason to doubt their honesty. That tummy ache on the day of the big math test does seem suspicious. But when it comes to chronic migraine your child’s complaints should be taken seriously. The New York Times reports that 10 percent of younger children and more than 25 percent of older kids do suffer from migraines.

The age of onset for migraines is typically earlier in boys and starts around age seven; however, as children reach the age of puberty a greater number of girls complain of migraine pain. This may be due to the link between estrogen production and migraine.

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The Migraine Book Review: 10 Great Reads For Migraine Sufferers

The journey of migraine sufferers is unique and challenging. Most of the time, sufferers feel alone, misunderstood, and even confused about what they are experiencing. Books can be a great source of comfort for migraine sufferers. Reading about the journey of other migraine sufferers can help you understand what you are going through and keep you from feeling alone and isolated. There are many books about migraines — books about migraine sufferers, books about the science behind migraines, self-help books with plenty of advice, and even books that feature the genius and creativity of migraine sufferers.

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Stellar Migraines: The Journey of Celebrities with Migraines

The popular public perspective is that all celebrities are rich, famous and living the good life. While there is some truth in this, the reality is that celebrities are just like everyone else, most especially when it comes to health concerns. Subjected to long hours, often without breaks and with multi-faceted career obligations, chronic migraine is a difficult hurdle many well-known celebrities face.

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