That Smell Before A Migraine Episode


Imagine coming home from work and getting ready to make dinner, only to begin smelling a rotten scent that seems to be coming from somewhere near you. Several minutes go by as the scent gets stronger. You take out the trash and search your refrigerator to no avail – the smell is still there. Suddenly, the smell begins to subside as you begin experiencing a throbbing migraine episode. You have just been the victim of migraine related olfactory hallucination, or phantosmia.

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The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and Migraines

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
Those who suffer from chronic migraine episodes are all too familiar with the symptoms and side effects. But physicians are hearing more and more about a particular side effect that patients may not be talking about as much as they should. Known as The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS), this condition is a neurological phenomenon that is characterized by distorted perceptions, disorientation and warped senses. It seems to be more common in children, but also present in adults with frequent migraines. 

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