Supporters Guide To A Migraine-less Valentine’s Day

A Supporters Guide To a Migraine-less Valentine's Day

It was the perfect night. Your Valentine’s date scored reservations at your favorite restaurant, chose a tasteful flower arrangement and even booked a horse-drawn carriage ride to enjoy after the meal. Unfortunately, halfway through dinner, you started to feel sick. Your vision became blurry, stomach churning and you know you need to go home. The signs are here…a migraine is coming. 

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Oh Christmas tree, Migraine Triggers Do You Bring Me!

The family returns home from picking out the largest, greenest, most perfect tree. The treasured ornaments have been removed from the attic to be lovingly hung. And, miraculously, all the lights work the first time they’re plugged in.

It would be a scene out of a cheesy Christmas movie if not for one thing: that dreaded build of pressure that will culminate in blinding, debilitating pain. The scent of evergreens is one of your migraine triggers.

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5 Benefits to Using A Migraine Diary

Migraine Diary

A migraine is a chronic neurological disorder that causes severe pain on one or both sides of the head. It is often accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and vomiting. Some people who suffer from migraines experience a visual disturbance or warning, called an aura, shortly before chronic migraine symptoms occur. Migraines can seem to come out of nowhere, but many are triggered by an event, stress, food or beverage, hormones, weather, or other environmental conditions. Continue reading “5 Benefits to Using A Migraine Diary”