Migraine Symptoms: Tips For Heavy Computer Users


Migraines and computer-based careers – the ultimate catch 22. You can’t live with migraines but you can’t live without your job. What’s a migraineur to do? If your job requires that you spend majority of your day starring into the invasive glow of a computer monitor, you’ve likely felt the onset of migraine symptoms as a result.  Continue reading “Migraine Symptoms: Tips For Heavy Computer Users”

7 Tips For Chronic Migraine Sufferers Starting A New Job


A new job is reason to celebrate! But for those suffering from chronic migraine syndrome, the transition from a familiar environment full of people who understand your condition to one full of uncertainty can be daunting. To ensure that you are able to successfully adjust to your new routine, we’ve compiled some tips to help you get settled.

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Three Ways To Connect With Other Migraineurs

Tips For Meeting Other Migraineurs
Pam started experiencing migraine symptoms a few years ago. While she’s under a doctor’s care, she finds herself stuck in bed several times a month. She has lost track of all the social and family events she’s had to miss. In fact, she recently noticed that several loved ones and friends have stopped making plans with her. She’s beginning to feel isolated, lonely and depressed.

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Supporters Guide To A Migraine-less Valentine’s Day

A Supporters Guide To a Migraine-less Valentine's Day

It was the perfect night. Your Valentine’s date scored reservations at your favorite restaurant, chose a tasteful flower arrangement and even booked a horse-drawn carriage ride to enjoy after the meal. Unfortunately, halfway through dinner, you started to feel sick. Your vision became blurry, stomach churning and you know you need to go home. The signs are here…a migraine is coming. 

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5 Things You DON’T Say To A Migraine Sufferer

5 Things You DON'T Say To A Migraine Sufferer

Liz, a recent college grad who just moved to New York City, loves to spend her weekends exploring the city’s eclectic ethnic restaurants, used bookstores and coffee shops. Liz also suffers from migraines, and, due to severe migraine pain, she has to cancel plans she makes with friends at least twice a month because of her migraines.

“My friends just don’t understand,” says Liz. “They frequently tell me that it ‘can’t be that bad’ and that I just need to ‘get out there and have fun.’ The worst, most hurtful comments are when friends say that it’s ‘all in my head’ and that I ‘don’t even look sick’ despite my ‘migraine symptoms’.”

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4 Fears Behind Migraine Medications

4 Fears Behind Migraine Medications
Katie, a 20-year-old college student, has suffered from migraines for several years. While Katie’s doctor recently prescribed her a new medication for migraine relief, Katie is worried about the possible side effects associated with migraine medications, including unknown long-term effects. Katie also worries about how she will afford her new medications.

Are you, like Katie, concerned about the potential for problems following long-term migraine medication usage? If so, you are not alone. One study published in the journal Headache found that two out of three individuals with recurring migraines delayed or avoided taking migraine medications due to concerns about treatment side effects.

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3 Relaxation Tools For Migraine Attack Fears

3 Relaxation Tools To Fight Migraine Attack Fears
Imagine a mother that is preparing to leave home for a vacation with her family. She and her husband have worked hard all year to pay for a fun trip full of memories for them and their children. Suddenly, she is gripped with anxiety and uncertainty – she fears that a migraine attack is approaching. With her history of debilitating migraine symptoms, she worries that her vacation will be ruined. She panics; and her trepidations force her to consider cancelling the vacation altogether.

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How To Recognize Our Loved Ones Migraine Symptoms


His eyes looked so bloodshot, they appeared to be on fire. It was then I knew he was about to have a severe migraine.

John is a migraine sufferer. He sometimes misses out on time with friends and family because of the debilitating pain. While he recognizes his migraine symptoms once the headache sets in, his attentive loved ones are an important part of getting migraine relief.

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