Understanding The Rebound Headache

Rebound Headache
A rebound headache, also known as a medication overuse headache, is caused by the chronic overuse of medications to treat primary headaches. In fact, the International Classification of Headache Disorders officially classifies these headaches as secondary headaches attributed to a substance or its withdrawal. Over-the-counter headache medications, like acetaminophen, ar frequently the source, although the excessive use of caffeine may cause them too. Many different prescription medications are also linked to rebound headaches, including symptomatic drugs like narcotics, benzodiazepines, and even decongestants.

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5 Benefits to Using A Migraine Diary

Migraine Diary

A migraine is a chronic neurological disorder that causes severe pain on one or both sides of the head. It is often accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and vomiting. Some people who suffer from migraines experience a visual disturbance or warning, called an aura, shortly before chronic migraine symptoms occur. Migraines can seem to come out of nowhere, but many are triggered by an event, stress, food or beverage, hormones, weather, or other environmental conditions. Continue reading “5 Benefits to Using A Migraine Diary”

5 Tips To Reduce Migraine Pain During Pregnancy

migraine pregnancyPersistent migraines during pregnancy can be more painful for a mommy-to-be. Enduring throbbing migraine attacks during pregnancy often puts women and her unborn child in a precarious situation. Therefore, it becomes imperative for women with history of migraines to become aware of certain facts regarding this health condition. If you are pregnant then possessing good knowledge about causes of migraines during pregnancy, its symptoms and ways of alleviating the pain can help you mitigate higher health risks.

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