Migraine Questions: What is Synesthesia?

Migraine Synesthesia
is a seemingly harmless condition that is described as the unusual mixing or blending of the senses. Or in other words, the stimulation to one sensory that causes an involuntary response or hallucination from a different sensory. Very little is known about its association with migraines, but some individuals have reported synesthesia replacing symptoms that normally occur during the aura phase of a migraine episode. 

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The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and Migraines

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome
Those who suffer from chronic migraine episodes are all too familiar with the symptoms and side effects. But physicians are hearing more and more about a particular side effect that patients may not be talking about as much as they should. Known as The Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS), this condition is a neurological phenomenon that is characterized by distorted perceptions, disorientation and warped senses. It seems to be more common in children, but also present in adults with frequent migraines. 

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The Traveling Migraine Sufferer: Tips for Relief During Travel

migraine tips traveling chronic migraineIf you’re a chronic migraine sufferer, the prospect of traveling is probably difficult for you. Travel can be difficult for anyone and chronic migraine pain only makes travel more daunting. Travel can bring many triggers that can cause or aggravate migraines, such as stress, erratic sleep, poor eating habits, bright lights and more. Luckily, some methods exist to minimize migraines during your travels. 

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The Migraine Book Review: 10 Great Reads For Migraine Sufferers

The journey of migraine sufferers is unique and challenging. Most of the time, sufferers feel alone, misunderstood, and even confused about what they are experiencing. Books can be a great source of comfort for migraine sufferers. Reading about the journey of other migraine sufferers can help you understand what you are going through and keep you from feeling alone and isolated. There are many books about migraines — books about migraine sufferers, books about the science behind migraines, self-help books with plenty of advice, and even books that feature the genius and creativity of migraine sufferers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Migraines

migraineMigraines can be a debilitating condition for many people which can lead to a reduced quality of life. It can take a long and difficult journey to experiment with treatments and determine what works best for you. You may have many questions regarding what you or your loved ones are experiencing, so here’s a review of the most commonly asked questions about migraines.

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