7 Tips For Chronic Migraine Sufferers Starting A New Job


A new job is reason to celebrate! But for those suffering from chronic migraine syndrome, the transition from a familiar environment full of people who understand your condition to one full of uncertainty can be daunting. To ensure that you are able to successfully adjust to your new routine, we’ve compiled some tips to help you get settled.

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The 2014 Hemiplegic Migraine Studies Report

Hemiplegic Migraine Studies Report

A young college student sits crumpled in the floor of her dorm room. She is supposed to be in class, but cannot even bring herself to get dressed. She began experiencing visual field disturbances, nausea, and light sensitivity – all classic symptoms of migraine aura. But the symptoms quickly became more severe, causing confusion, slurred speech, and paralysis on one half of her body. Her roommate returns to find her experiencing stroke-like symptoms and calls for an ambulance. Hours later, she reveals something shocking: She has been experiencing these symptoms since childhood – all caused by a rare form of migraine known as hemiplegic migraine.

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Three Ways To Connect With Other Migraineurs

Tips For Meeting Other Migraineurs
Pam started experiencing migraine symptoms a few years ago. While she’s under a doctor’s care, she finds herself stuck in bed several times a month. She has lost track of all the social and family events she’s had to miss. In fact, she recently noticed that several loved ones and friends have stopped making plans with her. She’s beginning to feel isolated, lonely and depressed.

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Anxiety and Migraine Warning Signs

Anxiety and Migraine Warning Signs

A mother breaks the news to her young daughter: she will not be in attendance for her daughter’s upcoming dance competition in a city six hours away. But it isn’t a demanding work schedule or family emergency keeping her away. Rather, it’s the fear of suffering a migraine on the trip. She notices a vague feeling of tightness and nearly unnoticeable pain that seems to foreshadow what is to come. Though she is not yet experiencing migraine symptoms, she views these feelings as migraine warning signs and proceeds to cancel all plans to await the pain. The mother’s history of excruciating, days-long migraine symptoms induces anxiety and distress, affecting her ability to do the things she desires most – like attend her daughter’s dance competition.

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Aphasia Migraine Symptom: Losing The Ability to Speak, Read or Write


Imagine you are a manager interviewing an applicant for a new job. She is an Ivy League graduate ranked at the top of her class and on paper, seems like the perfect fit for your business. Suddenly in the middle of your otherwise normal interview, her speech turns to babbling and she can no longer understand the words you are speaking to her. She continues speaking as normal, but looks at you bewildered when you try to speak to her. You call emergency help believing she is having a stroke, only to find out later that your applicant was suffering a migraine symptom known as transient aphasia.

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That Smell Before A Migraine Episode


Imagine coming home from work and getting ready to make dinner, only to begin smelling a rotten scent that seems to be coming from somewhere near you. Several minutes go by as the scent gets stronger. You take out the trash and search your refrigerator to no avail – the smell is still there. Suddenly, the smell begins to subside as you begin experiencing a throbbing migraine episode. You have just been the victim of migraine related olfactory hallucination, or phantosmia.

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